Sunday, June 10, 2012

Note to self ... "nannnnna"

I didn't get much stitching done.  Brinna, my 18 month old, came home from daycare Friday sick.  She didn't start to feel any better until Sunday afternoon.  Note to self:  the morning after they're sick don't attempt to feed them a matter how cute they say it with big brown eyes and pointing at it across the room and saying.... "nannnnna".  She is only tricking will come back to you in a different form.  yuck!  

I did however accomplish a lot by getting my kits together.  My hubby stayed home with Brianna while I took Jessica, my 17yr old and Caitlyn, my 4 month old with me.  The stitching bug has now reached Jessica.  Which is nice,  I like that we have something in common and we can help each other with our obsession. (not sure if if really hurts..because we keep expanding our collection..oh well i LOVE it!).

She found two nice patterns she is going to stitch, one for her brother and one for a friend.  I was working on 2 but have since added 4 more.  That will be it for now as far as having any WIP's.  Note to self.. make a list of acronyms and their meanings- when I first started reading blogs a few weeks ago I was reading about frogging, WIP's and ORT's.  I had no clue what those were..even though I've been stitching since I was 16 -- I truly thought frogging was when you stitch then stretch the floss to a area on the fabric that was far away..because you had to jump over there.  LOL  I know what it means now..but had to search Google to figure it out along with the other acronyms.  I had to share with my friend Lesli who has a blog as well -- as it was her blog that I first saw that word..because it's part of her name.

If you haven't already you should check it out her blog>   I blame my obsession on her :)

With two of my kids in tow, we went shopping, stopped at three different get all the floss, fabric and misc. things we needed for our kits.  Here's a before pic:

Sunday, Brianna was feeling better and I got a hold of a few 50% off coupons from Michael's to get the last of what I needed for my kits.  I spent their nap time Sunday organizing all my kits.  Let me tell you a little something about me .. I'm have OCD when it comes to organization... so these kits feed right into my obsession (well in this case 2 of my obsessions -- stitching too!!)  Here's an after pic:

Each kit contains the pattern, floss, scissors and fabric. The last thing I need to add is a pic on the outside of each box so that I know what's inside of it.  Hubby is also happy becuase I'm not taking up the dining room table anymore ... for the time being  ;)

 It's now Sunday evening and Jessica and Jared are in Rhode Island with their dad. Brianna and Catilyn are in bed sleeping for the night.. and I can't wait to finish this blog so I can open a container and stitch for an hour tonight. Good night for now..


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Looks like you are taking the bull by the horns and getting organized.

    I was going to join as a follower, but can't find where to do it?

  2. I like those boxes you used to organize your stitching.
    Very good idea!!

  3. Oh...I forgot to say...I thought it was always said that when your kids were sick to feed them the B.R.A.T diet?


    It's been quite a few years since I've had a sick little one so maybe things have changed a little.
    So sorry she was sick. Hope she's feeling better by now.

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere! And thanks for popping by my blog. I started blogging after rediscovering my love for stitching just a few months ago myself!!!! So I know exactly what you mean when you're talking about acronyms. For a long time I didn't know what ORT meant and how that was any different to TUSAL. ACK!!!! haha

    Anyway, thanks for sharing :) Cannot wait to see more!!!


    PS: Just as a helpful hint. Add the follower's gadget (in Layout section). That way I and many others can follower your lovely blog :) :) :)


  5. Hi, returning the following!
    I like Peggy Lee's diet but would add tomato soup preferably Heinz. I still have that when I'm ill!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your stitching soon.

  6. Not much fun when little ones are sick. I'm always amazed how much comes up:-( Great start to your blog.

  7. Hi and welcome to blogland! Found you through Lesli's blog :)
    I love your organization system, very efficient. Am I mistaken or did I see a HAED chart in the first photo?
    Keep posting lots of pictures, we love them!!

  8. Hello!

    Found your blog and welcome to the Blogging world.

    Looking forward to seeing your stitching!

  9. Hi, lesli post directed me to ur blog. wow look at ur stash :) I agree when u have young children we really need to be organised (and as far as from the reach of their hands :-p) btw I dont know what frogging is either... got to google it now :)

  10. how organised are you! i love shopping for fabric but over here its white or ivory and thats it, going to a trade show soon so saving up to go wild!

  11. I love your organisation method for storing your kits! I could never have so many on the go, I'm a one-project-at-a-time kind of gal :) Looking forward to seeing what you'll be stitching up.
    Best wishes.

  12. Great organisation. I found your blog via Lesli's blog too. Hope you have fun blogging and stitching.