Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rip It...Rip It...

Yes..(head hanging low)..the Frog visited my home earlier last week.   I started out stitching the Around the World, Installment 1 pattern. I'm starting 2 patterns in the rear.  In my head I view it as a race in which my car just left the starting position - while all others have passed me two times.  But, I'm up for the challenge. I'm a strong willed and determined kind of person and I will make up those two laps and even work on my bunny pattern just to show off....

Well, then life happens and I get put in my place. Doesn't happen often but I have to be honest with myself, re-evaluate the situation and create a new game plan .. because at some point I'm going to make up those laps!

I started off great and realized I was a few stitches off of the pattern, I started taking out the stitches to get back on track, when "clip" ... the fabric was cut!  Uggh!  No back up fabric either...that wont happen again.

The next day I purchased multiple pieces of fabric for back up and one for this project and away I went.  I started stitching again on Friday and as of yesterday I'm 98% complete with the 1st Installment. I'm so proud of myself..beaming with pride and joy.  Thinking to myself how excited I am to update my blog with my update as to what happened including how I've gotten myself ahead and almost ready to start on installment 2.

"You've got mail.."  I read my emails this morning and what's in my inbox..Installment 3.  Ok ok ok -- I get it, I will just have to be O.K. with being behind.  I will concede but only for the time the back of my mind, I'm planning tactics on how to get caught up.  ;)

The following are a few pics -- more can be found on the Around the World Tab above:

Pic as of 6.20.12

You're probably wondering what the following picture is... we'll I did say in my opening Blog that I have random thoughts -- well this is one of them.  I often wonder what the back everyones cross stitch looks like.  My daughter cross stitches too, and after she shows me her's always followed by -- let me see the back.  I honestly think this has something to do with my OCD..personally the back of my fabric has to be clean and all strings tucked away.   I do not judge others..I just love seeing how everyone does theirs too.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Your stitching is looking lovely and the back is so neat!

  2. I know you want to get caught up but take the time to enjoy this piece.This is a beautiful project and your stitches look great.
    Happy Stitching

  3. Love your post - your stitching is beautiful, front and back.. No one is ever going to see my backs, try as I might, they just never seem to stay neat.

  4. I'm also doing this SAL. I love the colours you have chosen!!!! LOVE!

    I also see I'm not the only one who puts masking tape on the edge of the canvas! I get so paranoid about not having enough fabric when I do a piece that I have to put take on the edges to make sure nothing unravels hehe. I'm a little OCD at times lol.

    Happy Stitching


  5. Your work is beautiful girlie! :) Mr. Frog visits me more often than I'd like also!

    I've seen a few other blogs where peeps show the backs of there work...I have to find this one for you..OH MY GOSH! I swear the back could have passed for a front, it was sooooo neat! I'll never show my backs....they are embarrassingly MESSY!

    Don't stress about the 3rd chart coming out..... this isn't a race! I had initially planned to just buy the chart and not do the "SAL"...just collect all 24 parts and get to it after all my other WIPs....but then I saw the progress everyone was making, and I couldn't resist! Just remember this is all for FUN! not for deadlines! that's what work is for :)

    Love ya!

  6. Your back looks great! As does the front. Like everyone says, it's not a race.
    Lots of stitchers look at the back of other people's work. Other crafters like to TOUCH. I had to tell one friend off because she liked to feel the speciality stitches on my pieces. Her craft is more tactile and touch is quite acceptable.

  7. This design is beautiful...and beautifully stitched too! Lovely back on that one. Looks so much better than mine would, I can tell you that!
    So sorry those darn frogs paid you a visit. I know you probably weren't using one, but I learned long ago not to use a seam ripper to take stitches out. That taught me a lesson for sure.

    Happy Stitching!

  8. I also like to keep the back of my work as neat as possible. Welcome to the blogging friendship world.

  9. All stitchers have to inspect the back of a project,it's the law! Yours is very neat, congrats. The SAL is looking great, wait till youbseevanother have have a few on the go at once. Happy stitching to you and your daughter.