Around the World

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Before Pic:  I took this on Friday 6/15/12, after having aFrog visit earlier in the week..and when ripping out my stitches..I accidentally cut my fabric... yes I almost cried. I was so excited to stitch the 1st installment, and didnt' have any back up material.  That won't happen again (I know have three back up fabrics that would work with any of my current kits).  I went shopping the next day and started over.

After Pic:  Taken on 6/18/12,  I'm almost done with the heart on the right. I haven't added any beads yet as I don't want to crush them using my hoop.  

 Close up pic of the left heart.

Close up pic of the right heart (minus the beads).

You've got mail -- yes the 3rd installment arrived in my email box a few days ago...and the pressure is on...


Another idea I 'stole shamelessly' from my friend Lesli - I love the idea of stitching something and not knowing what the final outcome will look like by being able to piece it together over a period of time,   and learning new stitches along the way.  I might be I have two WIP's I need to complete by Christmas..I'll get it done..somehow :) 

The Around the World pattern is is a sampler in 24 parts.  The information if you are interested is available at

You pay a small fee for the first pattern and the remainder are free.   The exciting part is you pick 3 greens and 8 floral colors, and you have no idea what the end results is going to be..or even stitch by stitch - because you are picking the colors. 

The other part that intrigued me are the different stitch that I'll learn that are from all over the world..hence the name of the project :)

I picked my colors and fabric this weekend here's a pic:

These are the 8 floral colors:
 These are the three that are supposed to be green but I went with browns instead, and two different beads to compliment the color scheme:

This is the fabric I've chosen:

I'm already two installments behind - but plan on working on it this week to catch up.  I'll post pics through out the week.   My goal is to go back to my other two projects next weekend.  Hopefully typing out this goal -- will help make it stick.. we'll see ;)

Bye for now..


  1. Love the colors you chose! Can't wait to see your part 1 and part 2 :) Those specialty stitches turn out so pretty!

  2. lovely to find another stitcher of the sal, I've just started stitching the sal and almost have finished part 1, your colours are nice and look so different using the browns in place of the greens
    look forward to seeing your progress