Bunny Collector

I started this cross stitch a few weeks into Jan. this year after I finished the the Xmas present for my hubby's grandmother.  It's a present for his Aunt this Dec.. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes I finish this one as well as the Garden one by then.  It doesn't help that I keep finding more and more patterns I love and can't "do without".  My plan is to stitch the bunnies and the Bunny Collector sign all on one piece of fabric, and use a frame between the two vs. two separate frames. 

And if your wondering if the 2nd bunny from the left is from the 80's -- think Jazzercise  LOL  I didn't realize it until my friend Lesli point it out.  Now that's all I think of every time I stitch it.  My hubby's aunt is turning 65 this year - so I think this will fit right in with her collection of a million bunnies as well as her personality.  I just love stitching things for other people!

 Picture as of 6.21.12

When I read other's post I always wonder what type of fabric they are using so I'm going to include that in all my projects :)

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