The Flowers of Life

The Flowers of Life is a gift for my husbands Mom.  My husband, Brian and I meet 4 years ago got married on July 24th, 2010.  We have 2 children together, Brianna, 18 months and Caitlyn 4 months.  Brian is an only child so you imagine how excited his family was when we had kids.  I'm stitching this for her and including the children's name and birth dates on it.  She also treats my other two children Jess, 17yrs and Jared 13yrs as her own so their names will be included as well. 

I started it about a month ago, but I've been trying to devote my time to the bunnies.  I only work on this one when I get tired of the bunnies staring at me for hours on end lol.

In the middle of the wreath it says 'Grandchildren are like flowers in the garden of life'

This is the inside of my "kit", I created one box for each of my projects.  I often wonder how others store their items and what methods they use to house their thread, needles, fabric, papers, etc.   This is mine :)

My progress as of 6.20.12

The cross stitch package came with a pre-printed fabric, which I can't stand to work with.  My OCD kicks in and it bothers me when either of the following happens:  1)  My stitch doesn't cover the line that's printed ...even if I am the only person that can see a hint of it  2) all of the x's are not the exact length. 
Problem solved with purchasing my own will take a little longer to ensure the stitches are were they belong.  The instructions aren't on a I have to plan carefully before moving to a new area.  But that's all in the fun of doing this .. right?! 

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