SA (Stitching Acronyms)

The following is my ever growing list of Stitching Acronyms that I've run across and for the past 20+ years never heard of until I started reading my friends and many other's blogs.

At first I assumed I knew what they stood for and wanted to satisfy my curiosity so I started looking it up on Google. 

Feel fee to leave a comment on any new ones I can add :)

  • Frogging, Frog -  term used to refer to removing stitches when you make a mistake. When you take a stitch out you have to rip it, rip it.  (I just love this's so cute!)

  • WIP -  refer to projects on which they are working. WIP is short for "works in progress."  If a WIP project is neglected for too long, it may end up as an UFO.

  • UFO -   The term refers to an Unfinished Object. Some stitchers starting more projects than they finish (I was one of these until a few months ago I gave away all my unfinished projects) ;)

  • ORTS - "Old Ratty Tails".  The snippets of floss left over from stitching, from an archaic term that means scraps. Many people save the orts for other craft projects.  (I was saving them, but have no idea why. I recently read a post on Facebook and found like 40 other people were doing it to... I love being part of the cross stitch family)
  • Over Two - When stitching on evenweave fabric,  people often refer to stitching "over two" threads. This means that stitches are placed over two threads in the weave of the fabric.

    This term may also be used in indicate to stitch over two squares of Aida Fabric instead of stitching over one square.

    Stitching "over one" on linen creates tiny cross stitches also known as petite cross stitches.

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